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TE Tech. CP-2394 Thermoelectric Cold Plate 30VPC@30A

TE Tech. CP-2394 Thermoelectric Cold Plate 30VPC@30A
TE Tech. CP-2394 Thermoelectric Cold Plate 30VPC@30A
Item# CP-2394

Product Description

TE Technology CP-2394 Thermoelectric Cold Plate 30VPC@30A. 200 W.

Surface: 10 x 12 inch.

Cold plates are usually the best choice of cooling method when the object to be cooled can be attached directly to the cold plate. The direct contact between the object and the cold plate minimizes the thermal resistance, allowing the heat to be efficiently conducted to the thermoelectric modules. This, in turn, keeps the system operating as efficiently as possible and improves the stability and accuracy of temperature control.

These units have a shroud that encloses the fan and legs to allow air to enter the heat sink while the unit is sitting on a table, which is useful for when the cooler will be placed on a flat surface and not integrated into the chassis of an instrument. They have the largest working surface of our cold plate series, and of course the user can add a large adapter plate if a bigger cooling surface is needed.

The High-Temperature (HT) version of this cold plate extends the heating temperature from 70 ˇăC to 100 ˇăC. Additionally, the CP-200 can be made into a liquid cooler by attaching two stainless steel tube liquid exchanger blocks. This eliminates the issues of the cooled fluid contacting the copper/epoxy/aluminum as in our other liquid coolers and works well for cooling of corrosive liquids, etc. Please inquire if you are interested in the liquid cooling plate options.

Features In Summary:

Table-top operation

Effective direct contact cooling.

Threaded holes in cold plate for easy attachment of object to be cooled

Threaded hole in side of the cold plate for easy attachment of a temperature sensor

A High-Temperature (HT) version is also available

Two stainless steel liquid exchangers can be attached for cooling of corrosive liquids

RoHS compliant The cooler can be powered directly by a power supply for full-on cooling, or a temperature controller can be added to maintain a specific set temperature. When ordered with a temperature controller or power supply, the necessary hook-up cables are also included.

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Product with one year limit warranty!