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JDSU 1000mW, 915nm Pump Laser for double-clad fiber amp. or Raman.

JDSU 1000mW  915nm Pump Laser for double-clad fiber amp. or Raman
JDSU 1000mW 915nm Pump Laser for double-clad fiber amp. or Raman
Item# SDLO-4000
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Product Description

JDSU 1000mW  915nm Pump Laser for double-clad fiber amp. or Raman
JDSU 1000mW, 915nm Pump Laser with TE cooler for double-clad fiber amplifiers and Raman amplification.

*.SDLO-4000 (910-925nm), 1W, NA.0.22.

JDS Uniphase pump modules are fast becoming the standard for high power with high reliability in Erbium doped fiber amplifiers used for telecommunications applications. In order to address the growing market for pumping Ytterbium doped double-clad fiber lasers, JDS Uniphase has introduced the 4000 Series of high power 915 nm and 970 nm high reliability pump modules. These high power multimode pumps are qualified under the same rigorous Telcordia?guidelines as our single-mode pumps. Cladding pumped fiber laser coupling allows the use of multimode diode lasers which can reach higher powers than currently attainable in single mode diode lasers. The multimode laser diode used in this module has been characterized for reliable operation through the use of accelerated multi-cell lifetesting. The 4000 Series features 750 mW at .22 NA and .15 NA from a 100 multimode fiber.

Key Features

*Highly reliable 750 mW from a 100 um fiber

*0.22 NA fiber output

*Demonstrated reliability through telecom qualification and life testing


*Ideal for pumping double-clad Ytterbium doped fiber lasers used in Raman amplification

*Ideal for pumping double-clad fiber amplifie

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