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OCP PTC-48-HP-LR2 2.5Gbs OC-48 Transponder.

OCP PTC-48-HP-LR2 2.5Gbs OC-48 Transponder
OCP PTC-48-HP-LR2 2.5Gbs OC-48 Transponder
Item# ptc48hp482
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Product Description

2.5 Gbits/s Transponder with 16-Channel 155Mbits/s Multiplexer/Demultiplexer with Clock Recovery.


Full Compliance with OC-48/STM-16 SONET/SDH Specifications

Long Reach, Intermediate Reach & Short Reach

Eye Safe (Class I Laser Safety)

Laser bias & Facet monitor analog output

Module Fail Alarm output

Pigtailed Optical Interface

-40 to +85 Operating Temperature

Single + 3.3 V supply


The PTC-48 fiber optic transponder offers a simple, convenient way to interface to single mode fiber optic cables for OC-48 short reach (SR), intermediate reach (IR), and long reach (LR) applications. The transponders are designed to meet or exceed the SONET/SDH optical interface requirements at OC-48/STM-16 (2488 Mb/s) data rate. Many versions are available with 1300nm Fabry Perot laser for SR, 1310nm DFB for IR1 and LR1, 1550nm DFB lasers for IR2 and LR2 applications. The modules are fully compliant to all applicable SONET/SDH specifications. All modules satisfy Class I Laser Safety requirements in accordance with the US FDA/CDRH and international IEC-825 standards. On the transmitter side, the PTC-48 multiplexes sixteen 155 Mbits/s parallel data and transmits serialized optical signal at 2488Mbits/s to the fiber. On the receiver side, the module receives a 2488Mbits/s optical signal, which is converted to an electrical signal. The module regenerates the clock signal and demultiplexes the serialized data into sixteen 155 Mbits/s differential LVPECL data signals. The transmit and receive functions are contained in a tworow, 160-pin (2x80) package with pigtail, which is terminated with LC, SC, ST or FC Optical connector. The transmitter incorporates all the necessary control and driver circuitry for converting parallel differential data signals to serial light. A Transmitter Disable input and Laser Bias Monitor output is provided. The receiver uses a PIN photodiode for SR & IR and an APD for LR to convert the serial light signal into a parallel differential electrical output signal. This transponder offers a unique function which monitors the internal circuitry to detect ilent failures. A Signal Detect function which indicates loss of optical input is also provided. The PTC-48 transceiver operates from a single +3.3V power supply over an operating temperature range of 0 to +70 or -40 to +85. The transceiver package is made of metal for good EMI shielding.

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