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JDSU / SDL DMF310C High Performance Tunable Optical Filter

JDSU / SDL DMF310C High Performance Tunable Optical Filter
JDSU / SDL DMF310C High Performance Tunable Optical Filter
Item# DMF310C

Product Description


*Optical finesse 400-600

*Operation in the C band

*Wavelength scan non linearity <0.2 %

*Insertion loss variation typically: <1.0 dB from 0-50癈

*andom access channel: selection <5ms

*Polarization dependence <0.1dB (Typ.)


*Channel monitoring for 50 GHz spaced DWDM systems

*Embedded test equipment

*Channel selection for BERT analysis

*Optical component testing

*Fiber sensor interrogation

The DMF310C tunable optical filter is a high performance, electronically tunable Fabry- Perot filter designed for channel selection in DWDM communication systems with channel spacings from 50GHz. Packaging technology protects the filter from humidity and other environmental effects to ensure long life with high wavelength and insertion loss stability.

A sophisticated capacitance bridge servo system stabilizes the transmitted wavelength and ensures linear and repeatable wavelength tuning throughout product lifetime.

Performance Specifications:

Optical Performance:

Parameter min max units

Wavelength range 1530 1563 nm

Finesse 400 600

FSR 37 43 nm

3dB bandwidth 0.06 0.11 nm

IL 6 dB

RL >10 dB

Input power +20 dBm

Parameter value units

Interface options

Analog 5 V

Digital Parallel 14 bit


Voltage 15,+5 V

Current <250 per rail mA

Electrical DIN41612A/C

Optical I/O FC/PC connectors

Dimensions 220*100*22.9 mm

Parameter min value max units Temperature range Operation - - 0 to 50 - C Storage - - -40 to +80 - C Humidity range - 0 to 95 - % RH IL T,RH (Typical) - <1.0 - dB ĥT,RH - 0.4 - nm

LineLock Features The DMF310C incorporates the LineLock feature that allows the user to lock onto individual wavelengths or lasers by applying a 5V signal and optical detector feedback to the interface connector. This allows perwavelength bit error rate (BERT) testing and optical tracking.

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Product with one year limit warranty!