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JDSU Dynamically Reconfigurable Wavelength Blocker (L Band)

JDSU Dynamically Reconfigurable Wavelength Blocker (L Band)
JDSU Dynamically Reconfigurable Wavelength Blocker (L Band)
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Product Description

JDSU's Agile Optical Switch family provides the broadest portfolio of ROADM solutions designed to match the requirements of major market segments. They are the building blocks of Agile Optical Networks and provide the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any or all wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service, simplifying the network and streamlining planning and management. This results in significant Opex and Capex reductions and faster time to revenue. In addition, they enable the cost effective creation and deployment of more complex network architectures.

The JDSU wavelength blocker (WB) is designed for dynamically reconfigurable switching and routing applications in next generation optical communications networks. Using an all-optical design, the WB attenuates or blocks any number of wavelengths in an extended L band at both 50 GHz and 100 GHz channel spacings.

The device is remotely reconfigured to select other wavelengths. The WB reduces operating and capital costs of optical networks by enabling remote, dynamic channel reconfiguration and by reducing the number of optoelectronic regenerators required in the network. Any or all of the wavelengths enter the device, and any selection of these wavelengths is simultaneously attenuated to any level, or the wavelengths are blocked altogether.

Each wavelength power level is independently attenuated or blocked remotely via an electronic signal. Wide passband and low dispersion characteristics allow the WB to be cascaded, permitting multiple device concatenation in all-optical wavelength routed networks.

The WB shows leading performance over its entire operating temperature range. Key performance features include low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, wide bandwidth with flat-topped channel profiles, low polarization dependent loss (PDL), low ripple, excellent spectral flatness, low drive power, and fast response time.

Key Features

Compact footprint Wide bandwidth with flat-topped channel profiles (ideal for cascading) Low dispersion (ideal for cascading) Low insertion loss Low PDL, ripple, and drive power Applications

Dynamic wavelength management Network protection and restoration Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers Dynamic capacity provisioning

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