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Iolon Apollo Widely Tunable Laser.

Iolon Apollo Widely Tunable Laser. 20mW,
Iolon Apollo Widely Tunable Laser. 20mW,
Item# Ioion-Model

Product Description

Iolon Apollo Widely Tunable Laser:

The iolon Apollo is a high performance continuous wave laser for advanced optical networking systems. Capable of providing 10 mW and 20 mW output power over the C or L bands, the Apollo?delivers high power, spectral fidelity, and wide tunability for intelligent optical networking. The Apollo?module contains a miniaturized external cavity laser that incorporates iolon's patented MEMS and micro-technology with best-in-class qualified optical components. The device uses serial communication for fast, reliable, and easy operation. The laser and all control electronics are contained in a small footprint package (70mm x 50mm x 13mm) with a polarization maintaining fiber for coupling with an external modulator.

The Apollo?is Telcordia?qualified, currently deployed in networks carrying live traffic, and is available in volume.


*Performance better than or equal to that of fixed wavelength DFB

*Telcordia?qualified with respect to GR-468 and applicable requirements of GR-63

*200 channels at 25GHz spacing in C bands

*20 mW output power, flat over entire tuning range, adjustable by 4 dB

Superior spectral fidelity

-Narrow linewidth

-Low relative intensity noise (RIN)

-High side mode suppression ratio (SMSR)

*Internal wavelength locker for 25 GHz or 50 GHz channel spacing

*Laser, wavelength locker, and all controls in compact footprint module

*RS232 serial communications interface in either OIF MSA binary or ASCII protocols

*PM fiber for coupling to external modulator

*OIF compliant.


*Long Haul/Ultra Long Haul DWDM

*2.5, 10, and 40 Gbps data rate transmission

*Metro Core and Regional Networks

*Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing

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Product with one year limit warranty!