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JDSU CQF935/508, 20mW, DWDM CW DFB Lasers with PM Fiber.

JDSU CQF935/508,  20mW, DWDM CW DFB Lasers with PM Fiber
JDSU CQF935/508, 20mW, DWDM CW DFB Lasers with PM Fiber
Item# cqf935-20mw
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Product Description

JDSU CQF935/508 20mW CW DFB Laser Module.

The JDS Uniphase CQF935 series laser is specifically developed for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems, where it is used in combination with an external modulator, such as the LiNbO3-based Mach-Zehnder. Selected wavelengths comply with ITU recommendations, both in range (1527.61 to 1610.06 nm) and in channel definition, thus adhering to the 50 GHz grid (0.4 nm) relative to a frequency of 193.1 THz (i.e., a wavelength of 1552.52 nm). Each laser's wavelength is accurately measured, and the laser itself is accompanied by a datasheet with the laser performance at the temperature T, where the required wavelength channel is reached. The CQF935 shows high side mode suppression ratios, very low relative intensity noise, and small linewidths. It is available in a standard 14-pin butterfly package equipped with a polarization maintaining fiber to facilitate coupling to the modulator, and shows superb thermal stability.

Key Features

1550 nm WDM distributed feedback laser diode

High power (>20 mW)

Polarization maintaining fiber

Built-in thermo-electric cooler

Cooled, built-in optical isolator

1527 - 1610 nm wavelength range

0.4 nm (50 GHz) spacing


Hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks, cabletelevision (CATV) networks and metro architectures where high power, low RIN, and narrow linewidths are required Long haul for compensation of high-loss passive or active components

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