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C&D Tech. VSX60MD Input: 35 35~75 VDC (2.25A) / Output: 60 W 3.3 Volt & 5 Volt Dual Output

C&D Tech. VSX60MD Input: 35 35~75 VDC (2.25A) / Output: 60 W 3.3 Volt & 5 Volt Dual Output
C&D Tech. VSX60MD Input: 35 35~75 VDC (2.25A) / Output: 60 W 3.3 Volt & 5 Volt Dual Output
Item# VSX60MD35

Product Description


The VSX60 Series are dual output converters with 36-75V input models with 3.3VDC and 5VDC outputs. The industry quarter-pak size of 1.5" X 2.3" X 0.5" coupled with 90% efficiency is an industry high-density breakthrough.

These converters utilize Vx high density technology. This technology has been featured in our highly efficient VKP60 and VLP100 series now successfully in use worldwide. The very high 90% efficiency minimizes the requirement for heat-sinking and the low output ripple minimizes the need for additional filtering. For maximum flexibility, power can be traded between outputs as required. The VSX60 series feature virtually all of the options required by design engineers but not at the competition°Įs typical additional price for each option. This multitude of features are standard on the VSX60 series.


* Small size: 2.3 in. x 1.5 in. x 0.5 in.  * 90% efficiency  * Low output noise  * Input filtering  * Remote on/off, input side  * Output voltage trim, +/-10%  * Fixed frequency operation  * -40C°„ to +100C°„ baseplate temp.  * Output current limit, self-start  * 1,500 Vdc isolation, input to output  * UL/CUL 1950, EN60 950 approved  * 18 to 36 Vdc and 36 to 75 Vdc input models  * Continuous short circuit protection  * Non-latching protection: Input undervoltage, Input overvoltage, Output overvoltage, Overtemperature  * Output voltage tracking at turn-on and turn-off  * No minimum load current


* Distributed power architectures  * Workstations  * EDP equipment  * Telecommunications

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